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over 7 years ago

MHacks Expo Next Steps

Congratulations everyone. You're amazing. Here's what's next:
1) Please stop working on your apps now, pack up, and keep all of your belongings with you. 
2) Lunch starts at 11:30am and is in the basement on the elevated ledge where the mentor tables have been, and also on the 2nd floor of the tower where breakfast has been served.
3) We're doing two expos. Expo 1 starts at 12:15pm. Expo 2 starts at 2pm. Both expos will take place on the main basement level. Expo and table numbers are being assigned now and will be announced shortly. We'll send another update when we have those details. Stay tuned!
4) Closing ceremonies (including the top demo pitches) start in the auditorium at 4pm.